1. Acceptance of Terms of Use

    The use of any page of the website cosmosdl.com, including its subdomains and/or sections (hereinafter referred to as "COSMOSDL"), as well as the use of any services offered on COSMOSDL or the downloading of computer programs from COSMOSDL, implies full acceptance of these terms of use.

  2. Ownership and Management of COSMOSDL

    COSMOSDL is managed by CosmosDL Technologies SARL, a company domiciled at 20 Rue de la Lune, 75002 Paris, France, and registered with the Paris Chamber of Commerce under registration number 123456789. This address should be used for any correspondence related to claims.

  3. Specific Conditions of Use

    If specific conditions of use exist from CosmosDL Technologies SARL (and not from third parties) for certain content, services, or products offered on COSMOSDL, those conditions shall prevail over these terms of use to the extent any inconsistencies arise. These terms of use are divided into two sections:

    1. I. General Website Terms of Use applicable to all of COSMOSDL and to all products and/or services offered or sold thereon.
    2. II. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights over the content of COSMOSDL and contributions by developers or users to COSMOSDL.
  4. User Responsibility

    The user is fully responsible for any loss or damage suffered by CosmosDL Technologies SARL due to any use of COSMOSDL that does not comply with the provisions established in any part of these terms of use or in any other section of the COSMOSDL website. The user further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless CosmosDL Technologies SARL, as well as its directors, employees, agents, and representatives, from any claims in which they may be involved due to such non-compliance by the user.

  5. Purpose of the General Website Terms of Use

    CosmosDL Technologies SARL offers the user, through COSMOSDL, or may offer in the future, the services, products, and complementary facilities detailed below:

    1. A. Access to a repository of software content categorized by type. This includes downloading software from COSMOSDL servers with the highest assurance of availability and/or speed that it may imply. This does not imply the sale of a license or ownership of intellectual property rights in the program, the use of which will be subject to the license, terms, and conditions provided by the respective software owner.
    2. B. Provision of informational materials, documentation, and tutorials related to the software available on COSMOSDL, aimed at facilitating the user's understanding and effective utilization of the software.
    3. C. User community forums and interactive features to encourage collaboration, sharing of experiences, and exchange of ideas among COSMOSDL users.

    By accessing COSMOSDL and using any of the services, products, or facilities mentioned above, the user agrees to comply with these General Website Terms of Use and any additional terms and conditions that may apply to specific services, products, or sections of COSMOSDL.